Our objectives

Only an inclusive society that creates opportunities for all its people will have the strength and resource to be at the leading edge of the world economy or meet the global challenges of the 21st century

The Department for Innovation Universities and Skills is working with partners from the commercial, public and voluntary sectors to:

  • Accelerate the commercial exploitation of creativity and knowledge, through innovation and research, to create wealth, grow the economy, build successful businesses and improve quality of life.
  • Improve the skills of the population throughout their working lives to create a workforce capable of sustaining economic competitiveness, and enable individuals to thrive in the global economy.
  • Build social and community cohesion through improved social justice, civic participation and economic opportunity by raising aspirations and broadening participation, progression and achievement in learning and skills.
  • Pursue global excellence in research and knowledge, promote the benefits of science in society, and deliver science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills in line with employer demand.
  • Strengthen the capacity, quality and reputation of the Further and Higher Education systems and institutions to support national economic and social needs.
  • Encourage better use of science in Government, foster public service innovation, and support other Government objectives which depend on DIUS’ expertise and remit.

To enable DIUS to deliver these objectives, the Department will strive to add value across the delivery chain, be innovative in the way it works internally and with others, and be mindful of the intrinsic value of the pursuit and application of knowledge as a worthwhile activity.

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