Energy consumption in the United Kingdom

Energy Consumption in the UK cover

This document brings together statistics from a variety of sources to produce a comprehensive review of energy consumption in the UK since the 1970s. This booklet describes the key trends in energy consumption in the UK since 1970 with a particular focus on trends since 1990. It includes an analysis of the factors driving the changes in energy consumption, the impact of increasing activity, increased efficiency, and structural change in the economy, detailed tables are available in the Energy Consumption tables.

The information is presented in five sections covering firstly overall energy consumption, then energy consumption in the transport, domestic, industrial and service sectors.

Although Energy Consumption was published in July 2002, the consumption tables which are National Statistics were updated in July 2008.

This year the tables have been combined into five Excel workbooks rather than showing each table in a separate workbook. To provide feedback on whether this change is helpful please contact Jennifer Knight (020 7215 6490).