A5. Support for Drinkaware: Ambition

What this pledge sets out to achieve, and why this is important.

This pledge commits alcohol producers and retailers to maintain agreed levels of cash and in-kind funding for Drinkaware through to 2013.


The Drinkaware Trust is a charity that aims to change the UK’s drinking habits for the better and raise awareness of the impact that alcohol misuse can have on individuals and communities. It is supported by voluntary donations from across the drinks industry.

The Drinkaware Trust works with the drinks companies and retailers to help tackle alcohol misuse. They also work with organisations and individuals across the UK to fulfil the educational, community and awareness campaigning function envisaged in the Government’s Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy by providing accessible, evidence-based information about alcohol and its effects to employers, young people, teachers, parents and community workers.

‘Why let good times go bad?’

‘Why let good times go bad?’ is a five year campaign, which started in 2009, and is run by Drinkaware in partnership with more than 40 companies from across the drinks industry and Coca-Cola Great Britain. Costing £100 million it is the UK’s biggest ever campaign aimed at challenging the acceptability of drunkenness, with a focus on young people.

Results from the first two years show that the campaign activity is starting to make a difference to young adults’ attitudes to drunkenness. In 2010, 70 per cent of the target audience said they would be more likely to consider drinking differently in the future as a result of campaign advertising.

Results also show widespread adoption of the campaign tips – eating before drinking, pacing alcoholic drinks with water or soft drinks and looking after mates – with 77 per cent of young adults claiming to have already adopted at least one of the tips and 75 per cent reporting they are likely to follow the tips in the future.

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