A2. Awareness of Alcohol Units in the On-trade: Delivery

How you can deliver this pledge

The British Beer and Pub Association is working in partnership with the Drinkaware Trust, using the most up to date consumer research, to develop materials that can be used by on-trade premises to raise customer awareness about units.

Working with health bodies, industry will also explore whether and how further information can be included, such as calories, health harms, and drinking guidelines. Responsibility Deal partners will have the opportunity to feed into this process.

Examples of the materials are available.

These hi-res images can be downloaded free of charge to print materials. Members are also invited to make the materials available on their own company websites.

A summary image (“lock up”) of the key unit awareness messages can be found on the website. This can be used on existing member materials and point-of-sale, including menus, tent-cards, and of course websites. It is recognised that some members will need flexibility in terms of the design of the materials, but it is important that the messaging itself remains consistent with that agreed with Drinkaware and supported by the Department of Health to avoid confusion for consumers and to ensure a level playing field for evaluation of the overall campaign.

For further information about the campaign and materials please contact Daisy Blench on 0207 627 91443 or email her at dblench@beerandpub.com, or Andrew Tighe on 0207 627 0135 or email him at atighe@beerandpub.com.

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