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F8. Saturated Fat Reduction

Committed since:

26 October, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 28 October, 2013

1. Portion Size Control. Nestle UK will:
-expand our smaller portioned 99kcal chocolate biscuit range.
-Launch new confectionery products with a smaller portion size compared to the standard product (including single serve products).
-Increase the number of confectionery products with a serving that contain no more than 10% of the Recommended Intake for Energy for the relevant consumer
-Expand the number of mini sized ice cream products.
-Reduce the portion size in our dehydrated beverages.
-Introduce reseal wrapping onto our confectionery sharing blocks and bags.
-Provide prominent sharing messages on over 80% of relevant products by the end of 2014.
-Provide clear serving sizes and portion guidance on our products.

2. Development of new lower saturated fat options. Nestle UK will:
- reduce the saturated fat by 3,800 tonnes across Kit Kat products manufactured in the UK by mid-2014 by using a lower saturated fat oil in the Kit Kat wafer filling.
- implement further reductions in saturated fat in other selected confectionery products by the end of 2014.
- further reduce the saturated fat in our Café Menu Cappuccino products by mid-2014.
- reduce the saturated fat in our serving suggestion prepared meal by using fresh ingredients with lower saturated fat when preparing a meal using Maggi seasoning mixes e.g. light cheese, yogurt in place of cream etc.
- recommend the use of semi-skimmed and skimmed milk for preparation of products and recipes (e.g. Nesquik; Carnation Rice Pudding; whiteners in beverage vending products)

3. Our Chefs will develop lower saturated fat recipes, with smaller portions and using healthier ingredients helping consumers use products such as Carnation.

4. Employee Wellness. Nestlé UK will:
-Continue to offer all employees comprehensive Nutrition training which includes information on the reduction of saturated fat in the diet.
-Staff Cafeterias: continue to improve our menus; continue to implement nutrition training for catering staff.

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