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F5(a). Salt Catering: Training and Kitchen Practice

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 24 September, 2012

In 2007, Nestle UK were one of the first companies to start providing Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) information in our employee cafeterias. In 2009, we participated in the Food Standards Agency Pilot that helped develop criteria for the labelling scheme and implemented research to explore the implications of calorie labelling. From 2010, annual auditing has been carried out across breakfast, lunch, hospitality (catering for meetings) and vending. More than 70% of our staff restaurants meet the standards that we have set, and we aim to reach 100% by the end of 2013. Food in our cafeterias is provided by contract caterers. As part of the Service Level Agreements, we work with our caterers to develop and implement Minimum Nutrition Standards which underpin menus and stipulate cooking methods, ingredient standards, menu planning and provision of healthy choices:- Restricted addition of salt when cooking;- Minimal availability of fried food- Increased availability of fruit and vegetables- Balanced and varied menu planning- GDA Labelling including calories, sugar, fat, saturates and salt.-Procurement and kitchen practice.Restaurant kitchen practiceWe have adopted the following practices in >70% of our sites. All sites will be compliant by end 2013.- vegetables and boiled starchy carbohydrates are cooked without added salt.- salt is not added as a seasoning to dishes.- standard recipes are used to provide specific ingredient quantities and enable the calculation and provision of salt information at the point of purchase.Ingredients that meet the 2012 Salt Reduction Targets are used where possible. Salt AvailabilityWe have taken steps to encourage behaviour change by removing salt cellars from tables and making it available in sachets at the point of purchase only. We will take further steps to ensure that salt is only available by direct request at all sites by the end of 2013. Since 2007, we have provided nutrition and health training to more than 2,300 employees in the UK, which covers the importance and practicalities of salt reduction in the diet. We aim to offer this to our entire workforce by end 2013.During National Salt Awareness Week each year, we implement a variety of media including posters, table talkers, leaflets and low salt shopping guides. Low salt meals are provided in the canteens, highlighting the importance of lowering salt intake. We will continue to run similar internal communication initiatives each year. Chef TrainingIn conjunction with our contract caterers, we aim to implement nutrition training for key catering staff by the end of 2013 which will cover all of the topics highlighted in this pledge as well as general nutrition and healthy catering. In 2012, Nestlé Professional has enabled 500 catering students to complete a free nutrition and health training programme developed in conjunction with the British Nutrition Foundation. It includes the importance of reducing salt in the diet as well as kitchen practices that enable less salt to be added to food. This course is now available to students at a reduced rate.

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