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A4. Tackling Under-Age Alcohol Sales

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 23 December, 2011

As part of the Mitchellss Butlers Alcohol and Social Responsibility policy ( we state that at all times we will observe the law and do everything we can to ensure that alcohol is not served to people who are under 18 years old.We launched our Challenge 21 in 2004 and the scheme is now firmly embedded within our company culture. Each member of retail staff receives a comprehensive programme of training through Stepping Stones'. This includes education as to the legal requirements of their role, including their responsibilities not to serve under 18s and those who are intoxicated.As a matter of course, all staff, including door staff, are made aware of Mitchellss Butlers' legal and social obligations and of the need for proof of age. All new staff are trained and must sign the Server of Alcohol training form to confirm their training, before they are allowed to serve alcohol.Regular updates are to be given at team meetings on any articles on under age drinking which the Company may communicate in its in-house newsletter, security and licensing newsletter or brand newsletters, or through communication from line management.

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