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F5(a). Salt Catering: Training and Kitchen Practice

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 12 September, 2012

We will support and enable consumers to reduce their dietary salt intake by reducing the amount of salt used in our kitchens by at least 15% over 2 years, with measurement towards this target commencing from March 2013, which marks the launch of our Spring/Summer menus. We will achieve this by investing in training all our chefs over the next 6 months on the importance of reducing salt and encouraging the use of healthier, natural alternative ingredients and cooking techniques that still deliver on taste, quality and safety Over the next 6 months, we will trial several initiatives to support and enable our guests to reduce their dietary salt intake. If trials are successful we will implement these initiatives in selected brands from Spring/Summer 2013, such as: providing chefs with specific salt quantities and equipment to control and minimise salt dosageencouraging behaviour change among our guests to reduce the use of discretionary table salt, by providing a choice of natural lower sodium seasonings substituting the current seasoning used in our kitchens with a natural lower sodium alternative

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