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A2. Awareness of Alcohol Units in the On-trade

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 22 December, 2011

Now that the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) unit awareness campaign trial is complete, Marstonís are in a position to support the campaign and roll it out across our estate.Work has already begun; for our tenants and free trade customers we are issuing an advert for the campaign in our company magazines ñ ëBar Runnerí and ëOn Traderí in January, which have a combined distribution of 5,000 copies. We have also posted the campaign posters onto our intranet site as a free of charge download to all customers, and advertised this within our magazines.Within our managed and retail agreement pubs we will also roll out the campaign to all houses, starting during December. The agreed plan is as follows:Across our taverns pubs (230 pubs) we will be issuing 200 beer mats and 2 x A4 posters to every site (poster quantity is approx based on quantity of frames). Within the retail agreement portion of our estate (approx 350 pubs) we will issue the same as above. Then, finally across our destination estate (approx 250 pubs) we will issue 100 tent cards to each house. This will ensure 116,000 beer mats, 1,160 posters, and 25,000 tent cards will be displayed to customers nationally. Marstons will also commit to support the campaign digitally where ever possible, and will feature the ëlock upí image on our web page and individual pub pages where appropriate. Additionally, on the majority of our wine menus, we provide alcohol unit information in an easy to understand table. Displaying units in a bottle, 250ml and 175ml glass for the range of ABVS.

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