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A6. Advertising & Marketing Alcohol

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 22 December, 2011

Majestic Wine are committed to the promotion of responsible drinking:All new members of staff are given our retail management training discovery folder when they start which contains a section on enjoying alcohol responsibly and a units calculator. They are also sent alcohol awareness literature, including a drinks calculator which is provided by Drinkaware. All members of staff study the WSET level 3 which includes a section on social responsibility. This covers the minimum age to purchase alcohol, BAC limits and reasons for having them, recommended daily/weekly limits for men and women and why such recommendations are made.We plan to do the following to raise the awareness of alcohol units and drinking guidelines to our customers:We will ensure that all stores have the Drinkaware units calculator.Our next grape to glass price list (spring 2012), as well as promotional flyers will have a section highlighting the NHS guidelines, awareness of units and the health harms associated with exceeding guidelines.We plan to include a section on our website in January 2012 which will highlight our commitments to responsible drinking and a direct link to the alcohol unit calculator at conjunction with our media agency, we will ensure that we do not place advertising within 100m of schools. We are members of Drinkaware and already adhere to the Drinkaware brand guidelines.

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