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F2. Salt Reduction (pledge now closed)

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 22 December, 2011

Marstons Inns Taverns have had a programme of product evaluation and redevelopment for salt reduction for over 5 years.Before the commitment launch we had been able to:reduce salt levels in our best selling ready prepared foods such as pies, curries, lasagne and garlic bread.use Heinz dips and sauces, which reduced salt content by 27%.redeveloped our battered fish range to achieve 2012 targets.reformulated our baked beans to reduce sodium content by 20%.launch 74% of new products in 2010 that achieved the 2010 targets. (12% of products did not fall within a target category).increase the use of steamers in our pubs meaning that salt is not added to vegetables during cooking.confirm that we do not salt our chips before serving to the customer.sauce sachets and dip pots are not on the tables in the majority of our pubs and as such aims to reduce salt consumption.We have rigorous kitchen practises in place to ensure that the changes we have made to products are not under-mined by kitchen practices e.g. dish specifications and regular audit procedure. A cross-functional team of kitchen trainers, menu development and auditors have managed portion control and thus salt content.The salt content of all new products is considered from the outset of any new product development brief as our suppliers are informed that all new products should achieve 2012 targets. Once a new product is approved a detailed product specification is completed and signed by the supplier and not only includes salt and sodium content per 100g and per portion but also requires the supplier to confirm whether the product achieves 2012 targets.Marstons are reviewing our 1200 product portfolio, which covers the majority of the 80 categories, to identify which products do not achieve the 2012 targets and are subsequently redeveloping these products so that salt content is reduced to these levels.We will continue to share information and best practise amongst our supplier base so that all are able to undertake the redevelopment work necessary to achieve the 2012 target and this pledge.

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