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P4. Physical Activity in the Workplace

Committed since:

2 February, 2015

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 2 February, 2015

At Motiv8 Rewards we promote the uptake of exercise in a number of different ways. Each employee is given private healthcare by Vitality. This scheme entitles all staff to a 50% discount at Virgin Active and LA Fitness gyms, and provides a number of other incentive schemes such as rebates on Evans Cycles and discounts on sports equipment, free activity trackers and free vitality health checks. Employees are also offered discounted wellness courses that take place in the company offices, and discounts on fitness classes in nearby venues. In addition to this, the wellness team has created and subsidised numerous sports clubs within the company and also runs an annual sports day to promote sport and an active lifestyle.

Motiv8 is currently considering ways in which we can make the working day more active for employees, and aims to set up employee sports clubs within the next year. The company also provides nutritional training to all staff on an annual basis and one of this seasons key messages is the importance of exercise, and detailed information on how to get active is made available. We now intend to take this current offering one step further by bringing in external nutritionists, lifestyle coaches, personal trainers and other health specialists to conduct Q and A sessions and give employees an open forum in which they can get expert advice. We are also going to provide free fitness trackers to each employee and we hope to monitor the data with the employee with a dedicated employee lifestyle coach who will help the employee to design a health and lifestyle plan. We will enhance the rewards programme based on individual success factors to reward the individual with incentives such as Spa Breaks and Activity Holidays.

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