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F4. Calorie Reduction

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 31 May, 2012

Nestlé UK (NUK) is committed to Nutrition, Health and Wellness via our products and communications. Consumers look for healthier products that dont compromise on taste, so we continually invest in innovation and renovation.Nestlé has already achieved significant Calorie reductions and the majority of our product ranges include lower or low calorie options. In confectionery, 39% [I]of our products contain less than 110 calories per serving (89% are single servings); and 63% offer smaller portion sizes. In Food and Beverage[II], 88% of products include lower or low calorie options.I. Development of lower calorie options:1. We will continue reducing calories where feasible and launch products offering lower or low calorie choices and with lower calorie levels than equivalent products.2. In Nestlé Confectionery we will:a) increase products containingb) expand our 99kcal chocolate biscuit range.c) launch more than one third of new products as a smaller portion size alternative to a standard product (2012)[1].d) increase the number of products that contain no more than 10% calorie GDA, per serving, for the main consumer.3. We will recommend the use of semi-skimmed and skimmed milk for preparation of products and recipes (e.g. Nesquik; Carnation Rice Pudding; whiteners in beverage vending products)4. Our Chefs will develop more lower calorie recipes with smaller portions and using healthier ingredients.II. Encouraging consumers to choose healthier options:1. The Jenny Craig (JC) Weight Management Programme provides education materials and lower calorie meals and snacks delivered to consumers, providing a healthy model. JC consultants support increased physical activity, behaviour change and lower calorie food advice when consumers start choosing their own food, having reached their goal weights.2. Communicationsa) Employee, customer and consumer communications will deliver more information on healthier choices calorie management, including Change 4 Life messaging (via internal communications, our Facebook pages and websites and customer communications).b) We will encourage sharing of relevant confectionery products. By 2015, all sharing or are portionable products will include such messaging.c) In 2012, Nestlé cereals is running the Battle of the Breakfast campaign. It encourages consumers to reconsider what they eat at breakfast and show that by making small, realistic changes, calorie intake can be reduced.3. Educationa) Nestlé Professional will enable c500 catering students to complete a free nutrition and health training programme with the British Nutrition Foundation (2012). We will continue to run our Nestlé Toque dOr Competition ( where students will be required to produce a main dish capped at 600 calories (2012).c) We will maintain our Menu Solutions website providing balanced, healthier recipes, with full nutrition information, for use in schools, pubs and workplace catering ( )a) We will increase our financial support for the Phunky Foods project which aims to educate children and parents about a healthy diet and lifestyle. Employee Wellness1. We will continue to offer all employees comprehensive Nutrition training2. Staff Cafeterias(I) Improvements started in 2006. Over 70% of sites (increasing to 100%) have Service Level Agreements, including Minimum Nutrition Standards (cooking methods, ingredient standards, daily provision of healthier choices, increased availability of fruit and vegetables; balanced menu planning, full GDA Labelling).(II) We will implement nutrition training for catering staff._________________________________________________________________[I] Confectionery Business (2011 volume excluding seasonal items).[II] Food and Beverage Business (2011 volume).[III]Based on estimated 2012 sales volumes.sI.

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