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F5(a). Salt Catering: Training and Kitchen Practice

Committed since:

10 June, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 19 July, 2013

Initial Catering Services is a national catering and hospitality company who lovingly prepare and cook fresh,healthy, seasonal food in the workplace. We are unquestionably enthusiastic about delivering the highest levels of customer service and engagement through the utilisation of the most advanced technology coupled with a real focus on health and wellbeing.

We previously committed to the salt targets for the end of 2012 agreed by the Responsibility Deal, which collectively delivered a further 15% reduction on 2010 targets.

In relation to Training and Kitchen Practice our regular chef forums discuss the importance of salt reduction for heart health and recommended dietary intakes.

A salt reduction training programme for all chefs is proposed to highlight foods which are high in salt or contribute significantly to the diet, how to reduce the levels of salt in their dishes/items, and achieve changes in palate and developing menus which are lower in salt and include lower salt options.

We have additional committed to removing (where possible) the addition of salt to any items cooked for the salad bar, deli bar or carb options for the hot food and removed salt from the tables and placed in a central location.

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