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H9. Domestic Violence

Committed since:

25 November, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 7 January, 2014

PHE has publicly committed to “Lead where we expect others to follow by developing the employment practices of PHE to become a key exemplar of the aspirations embodied in the Responsibility Deal to support a healthy and productive PHE workforce”.

We have established a Health and Work board to coordinate delivery of this ambition, supported by a Staff Health and Wellbeing group to ensure the Board’s work is relevant to our c.5,500 staff working across over 115 sites.

We have signed up as members of the Corporate Alliance Against Domestic Violence and have undertaken an audit of policies and procedures across the organisation to asses our current position on supporting individuals enduring or affected by domestic violence in order to become an exemplary employer organisation.

Specific plans for the coming year include:
• Following on from the audit of policies, refresh and adapt existing policies to address identified gaps, including adapting our relocation policy to allow access for individuals enduring violence as a ‘special needs’ case for resource.
• Raising awareness of domestic violence through internal communications campaigns
• Taking part in 16 days of action to end gender based violence, raising awareness using corporate tweets and messaging, and refresh/repackage this approach in line with international women’s day in March 2014.
• Launching a set of podcasts discussing domestic violence from different angles, developed in partnership with a range of external expert speakers.
• Developing internal awareness videos on domestic violence and specific awareness video targeting line managers to support positive reactions to disclosure.
• Establishing a network of Wellbeing Champions across PHE & training them to promote awareness of domestic violence and gather staff views about how else the organisation can enhance staff engagement and resilience.
• Work with Department of Health Staff Wellbeing Team to develop partnerships for the DH DV support network

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