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P4. Physical Activity in the Workplace

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 20 December, 2011

Hope North East (HNE) CIC is committed to increasing levels of physical activity within the working environment, as part of our overall aim of improving work based health and well-being. HNE are signed up to the North East better health at work awards - how healthy is your business? Throughout 2011 our health advocates have organised a number of campaigns.We intend to build on these achievements throughout 2012. -Men's health drop-in. HNE has encouraged male staff/volunteers to attend and get involved in the monthly men's health drop-in at Middlesbrough Football Club. Of those which have so far attended, the feedback has been very good. It has inspired 2 individuals to lose weight and be more conscious about what they eat. A further 2 individuals have accessed our local gym provision. -Weekend recovery walks This has involved a combination of events and activities involving the whole staff and volunteer team throughout 2011. For example, there have been a range of weekend recovery walks undertaken on a Saturday and Sunday. Saturday walks have been an introduction to walking within the countryside. Participants have met at HNE and taken local buses in the neighbouring countryside and engaged in planned walks and a healthy picnic. These have started at about 30 minutes in duration and have built up with the participant's fitness levels. We have received very positive feedback from those taking part. There is increasing evidence that getting out in the open green spaces is having a significant impact on the physical and mental health of our staff and volunteers. Sunday walks have been more progressive, for those who want to take part in a more demanding progressive walk of between 7-16 miles on average, usually in the Cleveland hills. -Cardiff recovery walk HNE attended the 2011 National Recovery Walk in Cardiff on September 10. This is a meeting of 1500 activists from within the recovery community who meet to celebrate 'getting and staying well' and turning their lives around. This involved walking around the beautiful city of Cardiff holding the HNE banner, singing and chanting. This was walk was inclusive of all people with varying backgrounds and experiences. -Healthy heart check On 1st September, HNE in partnership with the pct delivered a healthy heart check session. This was conducted by specialist nurses and each consultation took approximately 20-30 minutes. Approximately 15 people attended. People received advice and feedback on the day regarding the health based indicators which were measured. Individuals found this useful, one or two individuals were referred onto other services for follow up support. These sessions acted as a catalyst for some individuals to consider and reflect upon certain health behaviours such as smoking, eating junk food and others such as lack of exercise. -Team building event The HNE team recently went to 'go-ape' on Saturday 26 November and engaged in a fun team building day involving climbing trees, high-ropes and zip- wires. This event took place in Danby forest and involved lots of outdoor physical activity. -Cycling to work A number of staff and volunteers have cycled to work as a way of improving their physical fitness and also saving money and reducing their carbon footprint, throughout 2011. HNE has cycle racks and bike locks as well as shower/changing facilities and lockers. This has been successful, especially so during the summer months.

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