Hope North East

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H4. Healthier Staff Restaurants

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 20 December, 2011

Hope North East (HNE) is a small user-led social enterprise which employees 6 members of staff and has in excess of 25 volunteers/ peer mentors.As part of the HNE recovery day programme, throughout 2012, we will be providing a 'cooked lunch' to all of our service users and volunteers that are either participating in or supporting the programme. The menu's offered will be carefully selected based upon Food4Health (F4H) recipes. These are healthy, nutritionally balance meals which have been taught to our volunteers /service group by the Middlesbrough Council - healthy living team, as part of a recent successful cooking on a buget course.HNE will access the F4H recipes on-line/ contained within F4H cookbooks. HNE ensures that fresh water is freely made available to all, using the water dispensers/chillers located in our reception area and main hall. We also ensure that fresh fruit is available on the premises as alternatives to biscuits and other sweet or sugary foods.

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