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P5. Physical Activity Inclusion

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 6 January, 2012

Sporta represents not-for-profit charitable social enterprises (leisure trusts) which provide sport, fitness and other leisure facilities in communities across the UK. The trusts operate about 30 per cent of public leisure facilities in partnership with local authorities, providing accessible and affordable services for everyone in their communities.Sporta members therefore support this pledge in their regular everyday work. Many trusts also operate special programmes focused on the most inactive and disadvantaged people in their areas, often in partnership with health authroities and GPs. Trusts are continuing to provide these services as fully as possible despite public expenditure cuts and, using the Responsibility Deal initiative, Sporta has discussed priorities and ways to approach and innovate to help local people become more active and will be producing new ideas andproposals as soon as possible, partly dependent on the development of the new arrangements for public health. Sporta is also currently discussing a new partnership with sport england to develop programmes for physical activity with pathways through to sport.

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