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H7. Mental Health and Wellbeing

Committed since:

21 November, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 20 December, 2013

The Treasury Solicitor’s Department (TSol) has embedded the principles set out in the Workplace Adjustments for Mental Health Guide within its sickness absence processes. The Department is due to introduce further guidance regarding the management of sickness absence with regards to those with mental health issues early next year which will be supported by awareness sessions and workshops.

Earlier this year the Department ran a Health and Safety fortnight which included a focus on mental wellbeing and maintaining a good work/life balance, and more events are planned as part of a Health and Wellbeing programme of events which will take place over the next year. Managers can access the support of the HR advisory team for guidance on making reasonable adjustments and staff can be referred to the Department’s occupational health provider for further advice. Support is also provided to individuals and managers via the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

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