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A6. Advertising & Marketing Alcohol

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 22 December, 2011

We have already made changes to our behaviour and activities to ensure compliance with every aspect of this pledge. We use the Drinkaware brand guidelines as well as the "Why let good times go bad?" logo on all of our advertising and point of sale material which appear in national and regional press as well as the 6,000 licensed outlets we supply each week. Please refer to our pledge A5 supporting Drinkaware.All company employees and external marketing and design agencies associated with our brand advertising campaigns are aware of our strict adherence to this pledge and they automatically ensure we are compliant with the terms within it.We are members of the European Sponsorship Association and sit on the alcohol advisory working party to discuss a framework of behaviour and activities to ensure compliance with this pledge within our own organisation and the wider esa membership. As an active participant, we are champions of national activity with our sponsorship of the ECB with Marston's Pedigree, but crucially at a local level we are champions of compliance at the numerous local sponsorship activities in countless communities within England and Wales.We produce many millions of individual pieces of marketing material each year which have the Drinkaware logo clearly visible to consumers. Our websites have age verification before you can enter, as well as Drinkaware logo.

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