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P1. Physical Activity: Community

Committed since:

8 January, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 18 March, 2014

Three years ago, cuts to funding had a negative impact on PE in state schools across the UK. Our Sporting Promise is a partnership with the Youth Sport Trust that ensures children across the country continue to have vital access to sports activity in school and across their communities.

We aim to deal with a number of challenges faced by schools and young people, such as:

• Encouraging participation in PE and school sport
• Responding to drop off in sports participation amongst 14-16 year olds
• Creating appealing opportunities to help young people make the step into community sport beyond school life

TOP Sport supports delivery of PE and sport in primary schools. It helps teachers unlock potential of young pupils by developing their physical and social skills, improving wider learning skills and increasing understanding of health and wellbeing

yoUR Activity promotes alternative sports offer in Secondary Schools to engage pupils not attracted to mainstream/traditional offer of sport.

Sporting Communities (with Sport England) helps bridge the gap between school and community sport. Aimed at teenagers and young adults who don’t necessarily want to join a ‘traditional’ sports team, but still want to take part in regular activity in a safe, familiar environment.

The programme is delivered through training sessions across country plus coaching resources, equipment and regular online communications. We have created a dedicated consumer website hosting all information and materials for the programme plus images and video from recent events.

In 2014, we have 2 main objectives. Firstly continuing our work nationally with the 10,000 schools - refresher training, celebration events and awards. Secondly, we have selected 10 partnership regions where we will focus our efforts on signing up at least 100 schools per area.

These areas are Bristol, Colchester, Kendal, Kensington, Knaresborough, Leeds, Stockport, Stockton, Walsall and Wakefield.

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