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P2. Physical Activity Guidelines

Committed since:

1 July, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 30 September, 2013

DCLG will promote the Chief Medical Officer’s revised physical activity guidelines and make them available through the intranet. The department actively promotes opportunities for staff to take part in physical activity through its various communication channels.

Starting from September 2013 DCLG, in partnership with the Civil Service Physical Activity Challenge, will measure the physical activity of its staff over the period of a week and bench mark this against the rest of the Civil Service.

The department has a sports and recreation club SPARTA which operates for and on behalf of its members in the department and the Department for Transport and their related executive agencies.

SPARTA helps to promote a healthier lifestyle and improve staff morale and is responsible for promoting sport and recreation through its various affiliated activity clubs and societies. It is affiliated to the Civil Service Sports Council (CSSC). SPARTA hosts many events throughout the year, the main one being the annual DCLG and DfT Sports Day.

The Department encourages staff to think about their health and wellbeing and in April 2013 held a Health and Wellbeing Challenge. The challenge to staff was to think of ideas of what both individuals and groups could do to improve workplace health and wellbeing in DCLG. This was a competition to find the best ideas about what both individuals and groups can do to improve workplace health and wellbeing in DCLG, focusing on leisure and physical activity; mental and emotional health and wellbeing and the physical environment. The successful ideas are currently being implemented.

Since 2012, DCLG staff have taken part in the annual Civil Service Walking Challenge and staff have been actively encouraged to use this opportunity to get fit and raise money for civil servants in need.

In the coming months we will actively encourage staff to engage in more physical activity by increasing the amount of walking or cycling they do and through the sports and recreation activities available through SPARTA and CSSC.

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