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P3. Active Travel

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 23 December, 2011

The essence of Modeshifts purpose is to promote active travel for school journeys and support those who work at a local level to do this more effectively.The national school Travel Star (Sustainable Travel Accredited and Recognised) accreditation scheme is our coordinated focus for the promotion of more safe and active travel to schools. Not only do we promote active travel but we work hard to ensure that barriers to more physical activity are broken down as well. Safety concerns of parents, staff and pupils, both perceived and real, are addressed making it more likely that parents will make a more balanced assessment of risk in relation to the important health benefits of physical activity.The scheme ensures that schools take part in a well balanced range of initiatives, from all categories of activities including walking, cycling, road safety, promotion and partnership work. It also ensures that the whole school community are involved in active travel promotion, training and activities.We support school travel advisors and local authority staff who are the key drivers behind school travel behaviour change by providing guidance, information, knowledge sharing and professional development opportunities.In future Modeshift is planning to support the development of active travel campaign toolkits and resources that schools can use to implement whole school campaigns with minimum time and effort. The Off the Peg campaigns will be linked to the star accreditation scheme making it easy for schools to get active and get accredited.

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