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H1. Chronic Conditions Guide and Carers

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 22 December, 2011

We are a leader in workplace welfare, as highlighted by the recent Food and Drink Federation gold award for our winning with Wellness Programme. Mars is committed to supporting our employees with chronic conditions in the workplace wherever possible; this forms part of our responsibility principle through the Mars business.Best use is made of our occupational and private health services to assist employees in returning to a job that is within their physical and psychological capabilities at the earliest mutual opportunity, benefiting both the employee and company. The responsibilities of the employee, line manager and occupational health manager in meeting this objective are set out in our Mars UK attendance management policy and include guidelines for where both temporary and permanent modifications are required.As an example of this working in practice, the chocolate business has assisted 42 employees this year with modified work to support a range of conditions including musculoskeletal disorder, mental health, diabetes, cardiac disorders, and other chronic conditions with phased hours, flexible working and modified roles. Many of these employees were then able to return to their normal roles, but where further adjustments were required mars has also supported employees with a range of solutions. These have included equipment to support their condition, such as automatic cars in the sales force, additional lifting equipment in manufacturing, high specification chairs, adjustable desks and computer software.We have also had a number of employees successfully re-deployed to alternative roles that better accommodate their medical condition. All of our site employees have access to an occupational health manager where they are able to discuss in confidence any work related concerns that they may have and are also able to see our funded on site physiotherapist, or be referred privately to an off-site provider if preferred.

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