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F6. Fruit and vegetables

Committed since:

20 June, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 8 July, 2013

Little Tinklers Nursery is a private childcare provider primarily offering care for children from birth to five years. We also offer a holiday club that cares for children aged 5 - 13 years.
Little Tinklers pledges to ensure that children in our care receive a wholesome and healthy start by offering :
- A balanced and healthy menu every day for lunch, tea and snack times
- Meals include servings of fresh fruit and vegetables each day
- Children have access to a wide range of raw fruit and vegetables each snack time
- Staff set a good example by eating and sitting with the children and show good table manners
- Staff use snack and meal times to encourage independence in making healthy choices
- Staff talk about and help the children understand the need for healthy eating
- Children have opportunity to try new and different / varied fruits / vegetables
- Children have the opportunity to cook with fruit and vegetables
- The Nursery will provide parents with details each day of meals / snacks the children have enjoyed
- Menus are changed weekly and are displayed in the entrance foyer
- All staff are trained to Level 2 in Food Safety
- Little Tinklers has been awarded ' Healthy pathways' status
- Staff encourage healthy habits with the children such as teeth brushing and hand washing

A typical daily menu is as follows :
Breakfast (selection of cereals, fruit, bread)
Morning snack (wholemeal toast and milk)
Lunch (vegetable pasta and crusty bread, followed by a yoghurt)
Afternoon snack (raw fruit and vegetable selection)
Tea (sausage and vegetable casserole and roast potatoes, followed by strawberries and cream)

Children have open access to water and dietary needs are catered for.
At Holiday Club, the children provide their own packed lunch, but there is always a fruit bowl available for open access and healthy eating habits are encouraged.

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