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H4. Healthier Staff Restaurants

Committed since:

29 April, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 22 July, 2014

We have 2 staff restaurants and work closely with our catering suppliers to ensure that menu options provided in our staff restaurants are nutritionally balanced and give our employees the opportunity to select healthy and balanced meals.

Across both site restaurants we operate to a number of standards:

• We sell cereals in individual portions for calorie counting
• We only have condiments in sachets so that intake is known
• There is no added salt used in on site food preparation
• We provide low fat spreads and only provide low fat milk
• All recipes are documented and follow the HACCP process
• Both staff restaurants provide large salad bars
• Pre-packed sandwiches are calorie counted for information

At our Stockley Park Head Office, our caterer Baxter Storey has recently introduced a new “Less Than” menu with 70% of the pre-packed range including salads, desserts and yogurt pots calorie counted. The new menu is clearly signposted with easy-to-read calorie counts. All meal deals only include water as the drink option.

At our Coleford manufacturing site, the wellbeing instructor provides a healthy eating meal with tasters given away to promote a health synergy between the wellbeing centre and healthy eating.
Our Coleford catering supplier, Sodexo, is a Responsibility Deal Partner.

We offer free hot and cold drinks across both sites including water, no added sugar and lower-calorie options.

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