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P2. Physical Activity Guidelines

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 23 December, 2011

Modeshift commits to support the communication and promotion of the physical activity guidelines through promotion ongoing promotion to our members, partners and schools.Modeshift membership consists of local authority officers and employees of charities and third sector organisations that promote physical activity, sustainable travel and healthy living. The majority of these members work with schools and young people.We undertake to adopt the messages, utilising these in a range of communications and materials, and promote the guidelines themselves through a variety of methods:a) Website -We will include the physical guidelines and copies of the fact sheets onto revised and updated Modeshift website in 2012b) Newsletters - The first newsletter of 2012 will contain an article on the new guidelinesc) Policy briefing to members -Policy briefing on the new DOH strategy 'Start Active: Stay Active' (2011) and the new guidelines, to be released in January 2012d) Star accreditation scheme -This national schools accreditation scheme works to encourage and inspire schools to get involved in a balanced range of safe and active travel initiatives and schemes, by recognising and rewarding achievements, participation levels and mode shift.e) Marketing campaigns - Any marketing campaigns we develop and undertake that promote sustainable travel by highlighting the physical benefits will be linked to the new guidelines, and similar messages, where appropriate will be employed.

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