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H4. Healthier Staff Restaurants

Committed since:

30 September, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 30 September, 2013

DCLG has eight vending machines on its premises which contain snack food and soft drinks. While these vending machines do contain some high calorie, low nutritional value options, they also contain a selection of healthier snacks such as multigrain cereal bars and bottled water.

Over the coming year we will look to review the offering from the vending machines to see if we can increase the range of healthy options by 5%. This is an aspirational target as the vending service is a 100% commercial arrangement.

Our catering suppliers Autograph have provided the following information:

“As a company we are committed to ensure the availability of healthier foods and beverages to employees in the DCLG Staff Restaurant at Eland House.

• For Breakfast we offer oat porridge made with skimmed milk with no added sugar or salt.
• Bacon/sausage/egg muffins (bacon and sausages are cooked in the oven with no additional oil or any other fats, and the eggs offered are always free range).
• Wholemeal and white toast with butter or margarine/ jam or marmite.
• Fresh fruit and yogurts are on offer throughout the day.
• For Lunch we offer a choice of three main meals, two will include either meat or fish whilst the third is suitable for vegetarians.

Salt is not used in the food preparation at all and we have taken the step of removing salt from the tables and offering it only at a central location.

We have recently created a Health Charter which is currently being rolled out across our contracts portfolio. The Health Charter is built around the delivery of five core Food pledges contained within the government’s Responsibility Deal and an awareness of the impact healthy food has on employees. We have committed to these pledges and will seek to roll the Health Charter throughout our contract portfolio.

Going forward we intend to introduce a grilled fish option every Friday and display information on the daily calorie requirement for men and women.

We adhere to all legislation guidelines and we will keep our customers informed through our marketing of all future developments”.

Over the coming months DCLG staff using the catering and vending facilities will find it easier to make healthier food choices as there will be more healthy food options and information on calorie requirement and what constitutes a portion of fruit and vegetable displayed prominently in the canteen area.

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