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H10. Construction and Civil Engineering Industries

Committed since:

15 November, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 20 December, 2013

Interserve Construction is committed to ensuring that the health of both our employees and others is not adversely affected by our activities.

We treat health as the equal to safety in all aspects of our arrangements to manage risk that includes;

Training – Established minimum training standards for both our employees and supply chain, with the provision of training to our supply chain to facilitate them in meeting this standard.

Campaigns – Primarily through the issue of bulletins, alerts, briefing notes and posters. In 2014 our focus will be on respiratory risks and the control of dust which will include the development and delivery of an e-learning training module.

Advice – Through our in-house occupational health team which will include “drop in clinics” on a range of occupational and lifestyle health topics on selected construction sites.

Systems and Processes – We have, and will continue to develop, our management systems and processes to ensure health risks are pro-actively managed to eliminate or reduce these risks through effective planning, implementation of healthy systems of work, and monitoring regimes to ensure that the planned controls are established and effective.

Health Surveillance – All new employees complete health questionnaires with those considered “at risk” (Using Constructing Better Health’s standards) being subject to an on-going health surveillance regime carried out by our in-house occupational health team.

Rehabilitation Support – In the event of any employee needing rehabilitation support we have external support that are engaged where appropriate.

This commitment being supported though the setting of a number of targets, the metrics of which are monitored regularly by the company’s management including the Company Board.

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