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H4. Healthier Staff Restaurants

Committed since:

12 June, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 12 June, 2014

CH&Co is totally committed to providing the healthiest and tastiest food it can to all its customers while understanding how delicate the balance is between providing too much healthy eating info and allowing its customers to fully enjoy its food.

We appreciate how we can influence dietary intake by working hard to take out unnecessary calories in the form of fats and sugars, as well as finding alternatives to added salt in recipes. We don’t have to flag up everything we do as healthy – we just need to provide the healthiest version of anything we sell. Cooking from scratch allows us to create our own recipes, through the creativity of our chefs, which feature less saturated fat and sugar. Our Healthiest Cakes Ever for instance ensure that we can all still enjoy a tasty treat but at half the calories of regular recipe formulations.

Our Wellbeingbeingwell initiative underpins all our efforts, and we have signed up to 6 other Responsibility Deal Pledges that highlight the various strands of our work. Salt reduction features highly as we are the first Contract Caterer to sign up for the 2017 Salt Reduction targets. Our senior chefs are all trained in nutrition by our consultant nutritionist, Amanda Ursell, and they lead by example in their restaurants.

The Fruit and Vegetable pledge sits well in our portfolio and we run promotions that actively encourage this by giving discounts to multi-fruit-and-veg-portion purchases.

We use 1% fat milk as our default for all our coffee and tea and our cooking. This saves 0.4g of fat in every 100g of milk we use. Not huge in itself but massive over the whole population of our business. We use reduced salt and sugar baked beans as our default too – and no one noticed when we quietly made the change. Through these kinds of initiatives we are ensuring that all our customers has access to healthier food while they eat and drink with us. Our Bang & Shake initiative for chip preparation is also helping our customers with 20% less fat!

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