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H7. Mental Health and Wellbeing

Committed since:

12 January, 2015

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 2 March, 2015

The organisation will establish a working group to support the delivery of this pledge, with representation from key stakeholders across the organisation including Occupational Health, HR and Recovery and social Inclusion.

We are currently reviewing our ‘Prevention and Management of Stress in the Workplace’ policy, with Staffside engagement. The intention is to ensure that there is a robust system in place for undertaking stress risk assessments and developing action plans, to enable individuals and teams to identify and address workplace stressors.

The Occupational Health and Wellbeing Service plan to deliver training in the NHS employers training package ‘Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace’ and we have committed to training one hundred line managers in this program within the next financial year.

Through our Security Advisory Group, we have agreed a training programme for nominated personnel to develop skills in critical incident debriefing. These personnel will then be available to support staff that may be affected by a critical incident or incidents, which have the potential to affect mental wellbeing. The training, which is entitled, SIMS (stress incident management support) will be delivered in March 2015.

Hidden Talents is a forum for staff within the organisation to share their lived experience of mental ill health. The Hidden Talents group has a work plan, which includes the production of a video which will be accessible to staff, and establishing a working group with occupational health to identify additional OH support for staff with lived experience of mental health issues.

The organisation is currently developing guidelines for the treatment of staff with mental health issues. This guidance allow will managers to provide signposting for staff who wish to access mental health services outside of the of the Trust, and will allow clinicians working in occupational health to support staff who are seeking access to secondary mental health care.

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