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H6. Staff Health Checks

Committed since:

10 September, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 12 September, 2014

By working with the local health community to encourage employees to participate in NHS screening programmes when invited and other programmes that improve their health and well-being.

By promoting what the NHS can offer for free via your internal communication channels.

By using our staff intranet site to link to NHS Choices, a free internet service.

The workplace can be a good location to run some of these programmes especially for employees who are not in frequent contact with their GP. If you are running your own programmes in house, your local health community can advise on how they fit with those offered by the NHS.

Examples of what we do:

• Occupational Health – Know Your Numbers
• On-site health talks with mini-health MOTs run by local charities and leisure contacts
• Mole checks during summer (staff suggestion)
• Reference to NHS services on Healthy Herts pages, e.g. Carry out regular health checks
• HIV Testing onsite

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