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F6. Fruit and vegetables

Committed since:

1 November, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 1 November, 2013

Fruit and Vegetable Pledge Delivery Plan: Dine Contract Catering Ltd
We will do more to create a positive environment that supports and enables people to increase their consumption of fruit and vegetables.
We will deliver this pledge using a 4 point plan;
1. From Sept 2013 we will increase the vegetable content of our new composite dishes by 15% - baseline current content and new recipe information will be available on the extranet for monitoring purposes
2. From Sept 2013 we will sell all of our main meals with an accompanying portion of vegetables or salad
3. Throughout the year we will run promotions to encourage increased consumption of fruit and vegetables. For example; meal deals, price incentive to take a fruit based pudding with main meal; extra serving of salad or vegetables free with main meal (over and above portion included); promotional cards at certain sites to collect stamps for the number of fruit and veg portions taken in a week, collect 15 stamps in a week and get a free lunch.
4. Throughout the year we will publish quarterly info shots highlighting the importance of consuming more fruit and veg, and how this translates directly as a health benefit to the individual.

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