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P2. Physical Activity Guidelines

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 22 March, 2012

Greencore already promotes physical activity through the support and promotion of various active offered events by Greecore employees. We have run a number of health awareness weeks at selected sites which have promoted ways of meeting the physical activity guidelines for employees by: involving staff in physical activity challenges and competitions, fitness class tasters, promoting community activities and events, providing pedometers and promoting simple ways to increase activity levels. Select sites have also run family fun days which have encouraged employees and their families to partake in a number of events and activities. Where available on select sites we also currently have gym facilities or activity clubs e.g walking clubs to promote activity levels. To expand on the work Greencore already does to promote activity we plan to increase the number of health awareness events run at sites and to pilot a get fit for life course for staff which includes a module on physical activity and health. We will also continue to support the current level of activity we already provide. In May 2012 Greencore has agreed to help sponsor a community 100km bike ride in Yorkshire to raise money for the Acorn charity for people with dementia.

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