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H9. Domestic Violence

Committed since:

19 February, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 19 February, 2014

The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust is committed to tackling domestic abuse in the workplace. This includes assisting employees to identify, report and receive appropriate support in dealing with domestic abuse. To achieve this we:

- have a policy of Domestic Abuse which will be reviewed and updated in 2014. This provides advice and guidance to managers and staff.

- provide training on domestic abuse which is included within our adult safeguarding training. There is also more focussed training on honour based abuse, forced marriages and female genital mutilation.

- have a Senior Nurse for Adult Safeguarding who provides expert advice, training and support to employees.

- have a planned safeguarding awareness day in June 2014 which will include domestic abuse.

- have an information stand regarding domestic abuse at our wellbeing event in May 2014.

- promote the guidance for employers and employees through a variety of communication channels.

Staff are also able to seek advice and support from Human Resources, Occupational Health, CARE confidential listening service and the Chaplaincy team

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