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H4. Healthier Staff Restaurants

Committed since:

28 February, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 28 February, 2014

Work has begun to assess the staff restaurants in 11 buildings that have catering supplied by Baxter Storey, within which approximately 30% of Network Rail employees are based. Each site has been assessed against a specific criteria for provision of healthy eating options to offer and encourage our employees to make healthy choices. This includes, but is not exclusively, removing salt from tables, providing a fruit based dessert and vegetables as a side as part of a meal deal, offering calorie / nutritional information on foods, high fibre cereal options and food is free of trans fats. Recently a three item sub-500 calorie meal deal has been made available. Where nutrition information isn’t available there is a display of a healthy portion related to the food options available that day.

The chef’s working for Baxter Storey actively support providing a range of food options and sit on a catering forum group held in Milton Keynes, Network Rail’s central office, where they are involved in planning changes to their service based on employee feedback. Changes so far have included options to cook food to request (bake, grill or light fry foods), offer gluten free / dairy free alternatives, advertise through internal mail the menu for the week and clearly indicate the most healthy options and create equal pricing between healthy food options against typical vending snacks. The catering staff are also working closely with our fitness team to promote the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices. To support this the catering have run promotions such as Free Fruit Friday and are looking to implement a healthy eating reward card.

Next in the development plan through 2014/15 is a continuation of the work to align all of the Baxter Storey sites to an equal provision, and then begin assessing the other major Network Rail buildings. There is a separate work stream looking to address the welfare facilities provided to those employees who aren’t regularly based in a building.

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