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H5. Smoking Cessation/Respiratory Health

Committed since:

9 September, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 12 September, 2014

Employers, managers and staff representatives can be supportive of those who wish to quit or extend their smoke free time making use of any training offered by local stop smoking services.

Employers, managers and staff representatives are proactive in promoting and championing a smoke free environment liaising with stop smoking services where appropriate.

Information on local Stop Smoking support and Quit Clubs can be made available to all staff e.g. via posters, payslips, information in communal areas and staff newsletters.

Stop smoking sessions could be promoted and made accessible for all staff regardless of shift patterns and hours of work.

Where possible, stop smoking groups could be accommodated in the place of work, or nearby, and staff given paid time to attend stop smoking support sessions.

Stop smoking initiatives could be linked to and co-ordinated with other health improvement activities eg. diet and nutrition classes, increasing take-up of physical activity (eg cycling to work, in-company exercise activities).

Examples of what we do:

• Hertfordshire Stop Smoking Service – providing onsite stop smoking groups/ information sessions that can be attended within work time (regular campaigns such as Stoptober etc)
• Linked with other Healthy Herts initiatives, e.g. Feel Good February and Healthy Herts Roadshows and the newsletter
• Exploring use of e cigarettes

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