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P4. Physical Activity in the Workplace

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 20 December, 2011

FDF proactively encourages staff to engage in regular physical activity through its 'Feel Good 4 Life' staff 'Workplace Wellbeing' programme. The 'Feel Good 4 Life' programme team is led by the Human Resources Director who organises health and well-being promotional events on site. A cross-departmental working group manages an ongoing calendar of events, including regular on-site yoga sessions, external walking meetings and weekly lunchtime walking and running groups. As well as group activities, individual physical activity is encouraged through a 'Cycle to Work' scheme and corporate gym and exercise/activity class subsidy. FDF will pay up to a maximum contribution of £20 per month for reimbursement of the exercise/activity classes over previous three month period; this will be paid through payroll net of tax and NI. These schemes are proactively promoted internally via departmental 'champions' who keep their individual teams up to date with ongoing event timetables as well as ad hoc activities. FDF's staff intranet is another tool for disseminating information regarding opportunities to engage in physical activity, as well as staff notice boards and bulk emailing. On joining, new starters are informed of these benefits which are open to all staff and this information is also outlined in the organization's staff handbook. FDF's HR and 'Feel Good 4 Life' team have also actively promoted the staff health screening benefit internally as it encourages staff to better understand their personal health and can motivate them to undertake physical activity. 'Feel Good 4 Life' was launched in 2008 and includes a rolling programme of regular events as well as ad hoc activities such as charity runs such as 'Race 4 Life' and social fitness events, such as sports day socials. As part of our pledge we plan to monitor scheme take up and feedback, via regular staff surveys and through input from departmental 'champions'.

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