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F1. Out of Home Energy (kJ/kcal) Labelling

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 5 January, 2012

Grab Go labelling: We aim to provide calorie information on all our handheld snacks produced and labelled in our staff restaurants using Saffron and the McCance and Widdowson's database. We have specifications available for all the grab and go items in our food style guide. We use a system called Caterlabel which is web-based and controlled centrally. Full GDAs are provided on sandwiches, salads, wraps and baguettes. Only calorific information is provided on smaller items such as yoghurt pots, dessert pots, juices and protein pots. This has already been implemented at all our sites. Menus: We aim to provide calorie information on all our hot food, soups, jackets and main meals. At the moment we are trialling this in trial sites. However, we have just gone through a range rationalisation process and are now working with Fretwell Downing and Trade Simple to simplify the way in which we will manage this. This will enable us to provide nutritional information on all hot food across more sites by the end of 2012. The way in which we will display this will depend on the clients' needs. Deli bar: A range of specifications for standardised split fills are available in our food style guide. Nutritional information is displayed using traffic lights on menu boards. Providing nutritional information on individual deli bar items is work in progress. Salad bar: Providing nutritional information on our salad bars is still work in progress. Reference information: Reference information is being displayed on a poster in the staff restaurants explaining what GDAs are.

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