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F9. Salt Reduction 2017

Committed since:

18 September, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 1 May, 2015

Greencore Group produces a wide range of convenience foods for UK customers. Our products include sandwiches, wraps and sushi for the chilled food-to-go market, chilled prepared meals, soups and sauces, ambient cook-in and table sauces, pickles, ambient and chilled desserts and frozen Yorkshire puddings.

The wide range of foods produced by Greencore means that we face multiple challenges in reducing the levels of salt. However, we have focused on achieving salt reduction for a number of years and, despite the difficulties, we now comply with the 2012 targets set as part of the Public Health Responsibility Deal for the majority of our product ranges within the relevant categories.

We have recently signed up to the 2017 salt targets and we are actively working towards delivery of this pledge. Due to the complexity of our raw materials and products, we cannot take a "one size fits all" approach. Instead, teams across our manufacturing sites will determine the best strategy for salt reduction for a specific group of products within a category.

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