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H7. Mental Health and Wellbeing

Committed since:

10 September, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 12 September, 2014

Recognising that mental health issues matter to every employer is a critical first step, as is raising awareness among all staff and encouraging conversations about what will make a positive impact in the workplace. There is an increasing range of information and advice available to employers, managers, and individual staff on effective action to deliver this pledge by:
• raising awareness of mental health issues
• promoting workplace wellbeing
• reducing workplace risks and managing stress
• recognising and responding to mental health issues
• making reasonable adjustments for staff living with mental illness

Examples of what we do:

• Healthy Mind pages on Compass - providing employees and managers with information and support tools around mental health conditions ( stigma and discrimination), mental and emotional wellbeing, stress and building personal resilience and managing and supporting people with mental health conditions in the workplace
• External Mental Health First Aid (Lite) training for Managers (Accredited by Mental Health First Aid) - Aims to give delegates a wider undertanding for themselves and others of some of the issues of mental health and helps them to work more effectively with people who are living with a mental health issues
• External Workplace Stress training for employees - Aims to build the knowledge, skills and confidence of employees to recognise the early warning signs of mental health problems and to open a supportive conversation with colleagues that they are concerned about
• Stress Awareness lunchtime sessions available for employees with mini-Health MOTs - run by local Health Centres, with the aim to raise awareness of stress, spotting the early signs and getting employees to think about their own triggers and what they can do to manage it before it escalates. The mini-Health MOTs check blood pressure as this can be an indication of stress
• National Stress Awareness Day (6th November) - stand run by the canteen at County Hall with Carewell to raise awareness of stress and promote the services that Carewell can offer to help employees manage it. Hard-to-reach areas will also be sent a 'Stress' factsheet prior to the day so that they can display it for staff in their area
• 'Time to Talk (about mental health)' communications sent out to employees in November, linking them through to the real employee and manager case study on Compass (this case study is about a manager who successfully supported an employee with a mental health condition to return to work - it provides both best practice and hopefully encouragement for employees to be open and honest about mental health with their managers and colleagues.
• Wellbeing at Work and Managing Ill Health policy (supportive, e.g. via risk assessments and reasonable adjustments such as phased return etc)
• Looking into Mindfulness Training for staff

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