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H5. Smoking Cessation/Respiratory Health

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 27 February, 2013

The Trust has a comprehensive smoke free policy, which commits to providing all employees who wish to stop smoking support to give up during working hours.Staff can receive support either via the Specialist Stop Smoking Service, Occupational Health or the Chest Clinic. Staff have individual appointments to discuss their treatment and symptoms (including respiratory problems) with advisors who are in the ideal position to signpost staff, for further helpand support particularly around respiratory health. On occasions, the Specialist Stop Smoking Service may offer extra incentives to encourage smoking employees to try to quit. Many smokers need multiple structured attempts to quit before achieving long term success. Staff can access a team of advisors trained to deliver gold standard care and support staff using the latest evidence based treatments. Advisors work in a variety of settings within the Trust and are available for advice and support to stop smoking. Over the last twelve months, there has been an increased opportunity for staff who wish to stop smoking, as they can access on site clinics in a number of locations across the Trust. Staff can follow the link below to access a list of sessions they can attend across the Trust within working hours. Or alternative sessions, across Newcastle and North Tyneside via the following link; Newcastle Hospitals - Stop Smoking Service. This webpage is updated regularly and campaigns are referenced on the infonet. The Trust supports staff CPD development by encouraging staff to access and undertake the online training package offered around smoking and brief advice. Employees within the Trust train as intermediate advisors in stop smoking and those trained receive regular update training. In the 5 years since the smokefree legislation of 2007, the north east has seen the biggest fall in the number of smokers of any region in the country. The findings also showed that in 2011-12 that the specialist service achieved more than 60% quit rate compared to other main provider settings including pharmacy and primary care of around 40% quit rate. The Trust commits to proactively support local, supra district and national campaigns on smoking, including those encouraging smokers to quit e.g. No Smoking Day, Stoptober, Every Breath. It will seek to publicise campaigns widely, celebrating success including success stories from existing staff target at staff forums and promoting key smoke free messages in a coordinated manner. The Trust is rigorous in its enforcement of Smokefree environment including within all Trust external spaces. The Trust is committed to tackling smoking in the wider community and will continue to be represented actively on Smoke Free Newcastle, the multi disciplinary partnership group which oversees activity in the city. The Trust is proactive in its support for and promotion of the Better Health at Work Award. It is working towards the Award as part of its commitment to staff health and wellbeing (Jan 2013). For more information leaflets with all the sessions or for advice you can contact the service on 0191 2292911 or email

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