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P3. Active Travel

Committed since:

12 March, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 16 April, 2014

Heathrow is committed to increasing the number of airport workers that cycle to work. This is not only part of encouraging a healthier lifestyle; it also meets our Sustainable Transport Plan target to reduce the number of staff that commute to work by car.

Our 2013 Employee survey revealed that only 1.3 % of airport workers travel to work by foot or cycling (although a significant number will have walked to access and completed their public transport journeys). Walking into the airport is difficult due to the layout and security requirements so our main focus is to encourage more cycling to work.

Heathrow is investing in cycling and in 2012 opened the Heathrow Cycle Hub, the only airport with its own bike shop. The facility provides discounted cycles, equipment and clothing, servicing where the labour is free and runs both maintenance and rider training. Heathrow is also an affiliated racing club with British Cycling. As well as the cycle hub, Heathrow has over 500 cycle parking spaces around the campus that are both covered and secure and there are additional locker and showering facilities available to staff.

To increase the number of airport workers that travel actively we have a number of deliverables as part of our Sustainable Transport Plan. These deliverables are to:

1. Increase the membership of the Heathrow Cycle Hub by 130
2. Increase sales of cycles by 15% on 2013 levels
3. Increase the number of services by 5% on 2013 levels
4. Introduce an additional 120 cycle parking spaces across the campus
5. run the HMRC Cycle to Work scheme for a fourth year seeking 100 applications
6. run targeted marketing campaign to encourage cycling
7. undertake an audit of cycling infrastructure around and on the Heathrow Campus.
8. produce a Heathrow Cycle Map

The delivery of the initiatives to meet the above targets is coordinated through the Heathrow Area Transport Forum - Travel Behaviours and Cycling working group made up of key stakeholders.

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