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H11. Alcohol in the workplace

Committed since:

22 January, 2015

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 26 February, 2015

The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) is committed to maintaining healthy, safe and productive working conditions and welfare for all staff. We recognise there are problems associated with inappropriate use of alcohol, and therefore aim to:
• Alert all staff to the risks associated with drinking alcohol.
• Encourage staff with an alcohol problem to seek help at an early stage.
• Clarify the responsibility of both staff and management where it appears that an alcohol problem is causing work related problems.
• Provide information and education to all staff on the adverse effects of alcohol.
As part of this, we have adopted a policy of keeping the working environment free from the inappropriate use of alcohol.
The FDF policy on alcohol use states that FDF expects all staff to drink alcohol responsibly, particularly when representing FDF and when excessive drinking in personal time might impair work performance. FDF is willing to assist staff who may have an alcohol addiction problem. Any individuals who do not cooperate with an alcohol assistance programme to which they have been referred will be subject to FDF's disciplinary procedures which may result in dismissal.
The FDF policy on alcohol use is detailed in the staff handbook which is provided to every new starter and is available to view at any time on the staff intranet, and is reviewed annually.
FDF also provides Corporate Hospitality Guidance to staff who may attend events where alcoholic drinks are provided. FDF always ensures that non-alcoholic drink options are available at FDF events.
In addition, FDF has an Employee Assistance Programme available for staff, which provides a support helpline, articles and resource links for staff who may need additional support with alcohol related problems.

Our ‘Feel Good 4 Life’ workplace wellbeing programme also supports the message of drinking alcohol responsibly. Initiatives promoted by this committee will include arranging for a speaker to talk at a staff meeting about alcohol awareness, and supporting responsible drinking by organising a competition for the best non-alcoholic drinks recipe. The Feel Good 4 Life committee plan to complete these initiatives by June 2015.

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