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H4. Healthier Staff Restaurants

Committed since:

24 May, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 3 October, 2013

All staff restaurants are currently undergoing an internal audit to find how they assess the food being delivered to staff i.e. salt, fats.
We are encouraging the canteen staff to look at alternatives i.e extra light mayo instead of light mayo.
We are labelling all items and now have a under 350 cal menu.
Fruit is now displayed at the front next to the till and chocolate bars are placed further away with some sites offering free fruit
All soups are now homemade with local produce.
Bread provided is now with a choice of wholemeal or white.
All canteens have the change for life information and staff are encouraged to talk to canteen staff and input what healthy options they would like to try.
Some sites have developed their own staff menu from staff member's favourite healthy meals.
Free water is now provided in all canteens.
There are taster days to encourage staff to try new food.
Information boards located in most canteens.

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