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Submitted: 14 April, 2014

On 4 March 2013, BFFF launched a new "Cool Cookery" website. Cool Cookery is designed to offer delicious recipes and meal ideas to home cooks of every skill level and for every meal occasion; showing that frozen food offers some great and diverse opportunities for cooks.

The website provides guidance to help people feel more confident about using frozen ingredients, including fruit and vegetables, along with useful information on the nutritional, convenience and cost benefits of choosing frozen.

The recipes section has been vastly enhanced over the past 6 months, with new recipes added regularly to build a portfolio. The new site provides a ‘healthy recipes’ section and has a growing number of recipes that contribute to the 5 a day scheme, containing at least 80g of fruit or vegetables per portion.

We have also promoted Responsibility Deals to our 320 business members, including specifically the Fruit and Vegetable pledge, through the BFFF Bulletin Magazine. In September 2013 we updated the members on the benefits of the responsibility deals, and then in November 2013 we published our research of the nutritional values of frozen fruit and vegetables. The Bulletin is published 10 times a year and circulated to a readership of over 2500 decision makers in the frozen food industry.

Additionally to this, technical abstracts have been published to our members through the Technical and Legislative updates of November 2013 and February of 2014. The T&L Update is circulated to all BFFF member key contacts and technical contacts, numbering over 600 individual professionals. All of the abstracts include electronic links to informative and useful websites including the Department of Health website where members are invited to find out further information.

BFFF are delighted to continue to support Department of Health Responsibility Deals.

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