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F5(c). Salt Catering: Procurement

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 24 April, 2013

H&J has never supported over seasoning food as, we want our natural and delicious tasting ingredients to speak for themselves.Making sure this is a core guideline for everything we cook, we’ve been making sure our chefs understand the importance of reducing salt intake as well as ways they can adapt recipes to make them just as tasty, just less salty. As well as this, we understand the importance of raising awareness amongst our customers so they are able to make informed decisions about the amount of salt they are adding to their food, whether this be through adding rock salt, tomato ketchup or soy sauce.

We are currently working with our extensive supplier database to source low salt alternatives for several products like stocks, tomato ketchup, soy sauce etc.As and when we finalise low salt alternatives, our purchasing team informs our sites.This is followed up via emails and during site visits by our company chefs.

Our aim also is to educate our chefs about how to reduce salt and use alternative flavourings without having to compromise on taste.Communicated with in a number of ways, our chefs get a monthly marketing pack filled with low salt recipes and inspiration, regular group sessions, one-to-one meetings, and will even be given a seminar on salt reduction by Professor David Foskett, Head of the London School of Hospitality and Tourism at University of West London, which will help them understand the importance of reducing salt in food.

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