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H8. Young People in the Workplace

Committed since:

19 March, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 5 April, 2013

We have introduced an additional provision within our ‘Welcome to our world’ Induction Booklet to promote Health and Wellbeing in the workplace. The Booklet has been designed to enable individuals to work through their induction with their manager or induction coordinator at a pace to suit them.

This focus ensures that we support our people including younger members to lead healthier lives and encourages each individual to consider the importance of eating a balanced diet, the benefits of adopting sensible drinking habits and the dangers associated with smoking. The Induction Booklet includes references to various websites to assist individuals carry out self assessments and seek advice from confidential helplines. Each section in the Booklet also includes an area whereby the individual can make notes and record the action they intend to carry out to improve their Health and Wellbeing.

Within the People section of the Booklet, we have also included a reference to work life balance and the provision of benefits to add value to life style.

In addition, we are currently exploring how we can bring details of the Nestle and British Nutrition Foundation nutrition training programme for caterers to our people, including younger members of our workforce, should they wish to complete the online programme. The course will benefit anyone who is interested to learn the basics of nutrition and how they can improve their intake.

The online course has 6 modules with an end test for each module and feedback. At the end of programme, a personalised certificate from the British Nutrition Foundation is generated. Our review will consider our existing Communications Plans and identify the most effective way of briefing this information.

We have also introduced an Apprenticeship Recruitment Standard which sets out the minimum standard for the recruitment for apprentices and have established a partnership with the National Apprenticeships Service.

All apprentices taken on by 3663 will be issued with a 12 month fixed term contract, have a Job Description, be assigned a mentor or buddy and have a defined 12 month training plan. We have recently taken on 2 young apprentices within our Catering Equipment division. The feedback received from the management team for the 2 year placement is that they are proving to be an invaluable resource – demonstrating enthusiasm and drive. The benefits of this partnership with the local college is that we are able to provide the individuals with the right level of knowledge and experience and the college are able to ensure they gain a professional qualification. The apprentices will be able to benefit from our Induction Process and be aware of our commitment to health and wellbeing.

We will continue to work to our newly created Apprenticeship Recruitment Standard to ensure that this opportunity is taken up by our management teams.

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