Cafe Rouge Restaurants Ltd (Tragus)

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F9. Salt Reduction 2017

Committed since:

23 June, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 5 August, 2014

At Café Rouge we are aware of the impact of a high salt diet and the impact it can have on the health of the general public. We are aware that we as a brand can make a difference to the amount of salt consumed by customers, therefore we have signed up to the Department of Health salt reduction pledge. We have already achieved a significant percentage of the 2017 targets and although we remain confident of meeting more by the end of 2017 there are certain product categories where the salt targets are particularly challenging to achieve due to food safety issues e.g. cured, uncured meats.We will also continue to ask our manufacturers and suppliers to source and reformulate their products that currently do not meet the salt targets within the categories we use.

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