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P4. Physical Activity in the Workplace

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 19 December, 2011

We will continue to encourage and assist people to become more physically active.Our main BP premises have fitness facilities on site or provide access one in the immediate vicinity; this includes subsidised membership. We also run and support global physical activity challenge programmes. This year, in the run-up to the 2012 Olympics we are running a global corporate physical activity challenge where global teams compete against each other in a virtual Olympics.During the autumn a global fitness competition took place. This had live on line registration and encouraged staff to form teams of ten whose main aim was to complete a maximum of ninety minutes of activity each day. This year there was a link to the 2012 Olympics and entrants moved round a virtual Olympic park.Over 3,500 employees from over 40 countries world-wide participated. Fun elements including unusual team photos and best team hats added some humour to the competition.We recognise some staff may find this level of exercise challenging and in early 2012 a 10,000 steps programme also linked to the olympics will be launched. All entrants will receive their own pedometer and guidance on simple ways to increase opportunities to walk.Not necessarily a UK based activity, our fleet of ships all have gyms on board and staff are encouraged to use daily.

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